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After befriending an enigmatic creature, a reckless artist has to face his own demons when his actions turn the innocent beast into a monster.

Late to his mother's funeral, Zane returns to his childhood home and he is confronted by a strange creature, with features and thoughts alien to our understanding. Something we would lazily describe as a monster.

Driven by his curiosity, he gets past his own fears and starts bonding with the peculiar being, trying to figure out where it comes from, whether it has fears, desires or memories. But he doesn't realize that the monster is just a blank canvas, shaped by everything Zane says and does, just like a child with a parent.

Everything spirals out of control when the monster casually murders Rachel, Zane's best friend. The notion that killing is wrong just never came up. Unable to contain the situation, Zane is forced to face his own flaws and literally fight his own demons, now personified in the monster he created.

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Relegated to winter, a stubborn group of lifeguards sows chaos on Brighton Beach, desperately trying to make anything happen.

Out of Season is a single-camera sitcom about a team of boisterous lifeguards who were given the arduous task of protecting something that was never in danger.


Where having to look busy is met with a wicked smile and everyone wants to be a hero, but no one needs saving.

Sebastian – Lifeguard by day, live streamer by day... Sebastian is determined to become a social media influencer and has no intention of leaving any moment of his life private. He became a lifeguard to bring more excitement to his Vlogs, but after an infamous accident (he didn't pet a dog) he's attracted a passionate following of dog haters.


Carla Fischer – Former Olympian, she was forced out of the swimming team after losing an eye to a rogue paper plane (she had to serve a short jail sentence after attacking the kid who threw it). She's totally obsessed with health and safety.

Keelan Lloyd – The man behind the grand idea of Winter Lifeguards: he decided to setup the winter team after his cat ran off into the sea. Mayor Clarke's nephew and firmly convinced to be doing God's work, he holds a dark secret: he doesn't know how to swim.

Max Wilson – Every company needs an IT guy and the lifeguard team definitely needed someone to keep an eye on the weather. Conspiracy theory enthusiast, he joined the team believing it was an under-cover program and he's still convinced Keelan works for the MI6.


When a new mayor is elected, the Winter Team scrambles to prove their worth.



Adventure Comedy

In a world where sugar is illegal and fitness mandatory, a group of unlikely smugglers band together to uncover the bizarre conspiracy behind the policies.

A wild comedy set in a near future where sugar is illegal and fitness mandatory: a triumph of  extravagant glamour and garish perfection.

A fierce group of sugar smugglers, hell-bent on taking back their freedom - mostly because there's no more sugar left in the black market - turns the city upside down, dodging erratic fitness gurus and mysterious special agents.

While scrambling for the truth, they group finds out the sugar is being saved for a much more sinister purpose, which locks the entire human race in a deadly deal.

Sugar-Free is written along the lines of Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy, with a dash of extra freakiness taking it a step closer to Mars Attacks!

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The disappearance of a private man's family seems to lead to a familiar, somber conclusion, when all of a sudden those who were presumed dead are found alive.

It looked like the classic familicide: a grieving husband lamenting the sudden disappearance of his wife and kids, without a solid alibi and with a simple motive. A media circus seen time and time again, where every investigation ends with a confession.

It doesn't take long for Detective Florence Dykstra to uncover the hidden life of James Temple: the fake career, his debts and his need to portray a lifestyle he would've never been able to sustain.

But just as she's about to get a warrant for his arrest, the unthinkable happens: while being interviewed on his porch on live TV, James'  family makes a startling return, without any memories of what happened.

Shocked and terrified, James doesn't know how much of his family really came back and decides to confess the murder to an equally bewildered Detective Florence.



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An untimely romantic NASA analyst realizes he's only got one way to fulfill his dream to become an astronaut: infiltrating the next Moon mission to pull off the most ambitious heist in history.

Clive Garcia has always been vocal about his dream of becoming an astronaut. Even as a NASA analyst he tried time and time again to transition to the more adventurous role, never being able to break through.

With a few years left until retirement, his desires have become a running joke around the office.​


Now after the announcement of NASA's triumphant return to the moon, Clive's dream seems closer than ever when he receives an unexpected invitation to the training program.

But his hopes are shattered when the letter turns out to be nothing more than a cruel joke.

Disheartened and with nothing left to lose, Clive decides to get creative and try a more direct approach at becoming an astronaut by applying his peculiar passion for heist movies to his unique situation.